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C. S. Indulkar

Formerly Professor, Electrical Engineering Department, IIT Delhi.


Websites: (Electric machines and Power Systems) (Control Systems)

Field of Specialization:

Electrical Power Systems

Summary of Qualifications

B.Sc. (Agra), B. Tech (Hons) Electrical Engineering (IIT Kharagpur), M. ScTech. (Manchester) by Research, PhD (Manchester)

Work Experience

Head of Electrical Engineering Department, Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi, 1990-1993,

Professor, Indian Institute of Technology, 1979-1994,

Visiting Professorships at University of Baghdad, Iraq, 1989- 1990, University of Zambia, 1985-1986, University of Basra, Iraq, 1977-1978, University of Technology, Lae, Papua New Guinea, 1993-2000

Teaching Experience

Teaching Experience at Undergraduate level-38 years, Teaching Experience at Post-graduate level-24 years,

Research Experience

Research Experience-40 years

Author/Co-author of 5 books and over 150 journal papers, supervised research of ten Ph.D. students successfully

Former PhD Students

K. Ramalingam-Ph.D 1995- Formerly, Regional Executive Director (South), Airports Authority of India

Thesis: Some studies on voltage stability and sub-synchronous resonance in compensated EHV transmission lines.


Mini Thomas -Ph.D.1991 Professor & Head, Electrical Engineering department, Jamia Millia University-New Delhi

Thesis: Multi-conductor transmission lines and multi-winding transformers.


B. Viswanathan Ph.D. 1985

Thesis: Some studies on compensated transmission systems.


T. S. Bhatti- Ph.D. 1984-Professor, Centre of Energy Studies, I.I.T Delhi (jointly with Prof. S.C. Tripathy)

Thesis: Interactive excitation and automatic generation control.


N. Srinivasan- Ph.D.1984 (jointly with Prof. K. S. P. Rao)

Thesis: Constant Matrix methods in Power Systems.


K. K. Patel- Ph.D. 1983

Thesis: Switching transients in transmission systems.


P. K. Gupta-PhD. 1982 Professor & Head, Delhi College of Engineering, Delhi

Thesis: Sensitivity analysis of multi-conductor transmission lines.


M. Hanmandlu- Ph.D. 1981, Professor, Electrical Engineering Dept. IIT Delhi (Jointly with Prof. A.K. Mahalanabis)

Thesis: Some studies on power system load forecasting.


P. LingaReddy- Ph.D. 1976 (jointly with Dr. B. S. Rao)

Thesis: Some studies on the control and estimations of power systems through system subdivision.

S. Thiruvengadam- PhD 1974, Formerly, Professor & Head, Electrical Engineering Department, National Institute of Technology, Calicut, Kerala, India

Thesis: Surge and Carrier Propagation in multi-conductor cross-bonded cable systems.


Practical Experience in Electrical Utilities-2 years

Professional Memberships

Life Senior Member, IEEE

Fellow, Institution of Engineers (India)

Life Member, Indian Society of Technical Education

Life Member, Society of Power Engineers (India)

Former Member, Editorial Advisory Board, International Journal of Electrical Power & Energy Systems

Former member, Editorial Board, Indian Journal of Technology

Chairman IEEE Delhi Section, 1991-1992

Reviewer of Journal papers for the following Journals:

Proceedings of the IET (Generation, Transmission, and Distribution)

IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery

IEEE Transactions on Power Systems

International Journal of Electrical Power & Energy Systems

AJEEE: Australian Journal of Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Electric Power Systems Research

International Journal of Electric Power Components & Systems

International Journal of Electrical engineering Education

International Journal of Engineering, Science & Technology

Electrical Engineering Division, Journal of the Institution of Engineers (India)

Nominated for the Man of the Year-1995 Title by the International Board of Research of the American Biographical Institute, Raileigh, North Carolina, USA

Nominated for the International Man of the Millennium Award for 1999/2000 by the International Biographical Centre of Cambridge, England

Nominated for the International Intellectual of the Year for 2001 by the International Biographical Centre of Cambridge, England


         Tata Rao Gold medal

         Four Certificates of Merit, and

         Two Institution Prizes

for papers published in the Journal of The Institution of Engineers (India), EE Division

INTERVIEW of Dr. C. S. Indulkar A POWER ENGINEER (in The Society of Power Engineers ,Vadodara Chapter News Letter, April 2013, pp.6-8).

Contents of Electrical Machines and Power Systems website: Class-notes, Laboratory Experiments, and

Problems in Electrical Machines and Power Systems

D. C. Machines

Synchronous Machines

Induction Motors

Overhead Lines

Underground Cables


Circuit breakers

Power flows

Short-circuit calculations


Steady-state Stability

Transient Stability


Automatic generation Control

Control of Voltage & Reactive Power

Economic Operation

Per unit System