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 Energy resources

 Thermal power plants

 Hydro power plants

 Nuclear power plants




Internet site Wind Mills

 Gas power plants

 Internet site :-Global view of a power system network

-Thermal Power Station
-Hydro Power Station

-Nuclear Power Station

Internet site :Simulator for energy & the environment

 Objective type questions
-Electricity de France—This site contains the following examples of demonstrations that can be accessed via Internet-
-Global view of a power system network
-Thermal Power Station
-Hydro Power Station

-Nuclear Power Station for energy & the environment

Objective type questions

  1. Non-conventional source-based power plants are generally best suited for

  1. Working with the nearby power grid
  2. Isolated operation from the power grid
  3. Operation with similar plants irrespective of length of connecting transmission system

Ans. b

  1. Running cost of a hydro plant with respect to that of a thermal plant is

  1. More
  2. Less
  3. Varying from installation to installation

Ans. b

  1. Pick up the odd plant from the following

  1. Steam
  2. Hydro
  3. Tidal
  4. Nuclear

Ans. c

  1. Pick up the odd plant from the following:

  1. Steam
  2. Wind turbine generator plant
  3. Tidal
  4. Solar

Answer. a

  1. The role of the economiser is to pre-heat

  1. Pulverised coal
  2. Boiler feed water
  3. Air used for combustion

Ans. b

  1. Superheater & reheater are used to

  1. improve the condition of steam
  2. heat air used for combustion
  3. heat boiler feed water

Ans. a

  1. Governor is used with the steam turbine to regulate

  1. Steam temperature
  2. Steam pressure
  3. Power output
  4. Speed

Ans. d

  1. Cooling of 500 MW turbo-generators is usually done by the following coolants

  1. Nitrogen & hydrogen
  2. Hydrogen & water
  3. Carbon dioxide & hydrogen

Ans. b

  1. The specific speed of a hydro turbine depends on

  1. Actual speed
  2. Head of operation
  3. Output power
  4. Actual speed ,head of operation & output power

Ans. d

  1. The most common type of hydro turbine with a moderate value of the specific speed is

  1. Pelton
  2. Francis
  3. Kaplan

Ans. b

  1. Pumped storage hydroelectric plant can be operated with

  1. Upstream reservoir only
  2. downstream reservoir only
  3. with both as above

Ans. c

  1. Hydro-generators are usually

  1. Round rotor machines
  2. Salient pole machines
  3. Homopolar machines

Ans. b

  1. Heavy water in a nuclear reactor is used for

  1. Cooling & moderation
  2. Cooling and shielding radiation
  3. Moderation & shielding radiation

Ans. a

  1. The size and weight per unit power of a fast breeder reactor in comparison to a reactor of any of the thermal types is

  1. Much less
  2. Much more
  3. more or less the same

Ans. a

  1. Compared to turbines in the conventional coal-fired thermal stations, nuclear power plant turbines use steam at

  1. higher pressure & temperature
  2. lower pressure & temperature
  3. higher temperature & lower pressure

Ans. b

  1. Gas turbine temperature corresponds to

  1. Boiling water temperature of 100 deg.C
  2. Superheated steam temperature of 550 deg.C
  3. Around 1000 deg.C

Ans. c

  1. Gas turbine works on

  1. Rankine cycle
  2. Brayton cycle
  3. Carnot cycle

Ans. b

Energy resources

Classification: Conventional & non-conventional

Conventional resources: Coal & lignite, petroleum & natural gas, water, nuclear fuel

Non-conventional resources: Solar, wind, tidal, geothermal

Thermal power plants

  1. Study the Carnot cycle with related pressure -volume and temperature -entropy diagrams. Define efficiency under ideal conditions

Hydropower plants

Nuclear power plants

Internet site: Wind Mills

If you think windmills can only be found in the Netherlands, think

again. Windmill expert Mark Berry takes visitors on a tour of windmills

throughout the world. The site covers everything from historic mills to

modern wind turbines to where to buy your very own.


Gas power plants