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Formulation of the problem

 Economic Dispatch

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Economic Loading Dispatch Demonstrator: A Java based demonstration of economic dispatch with three generators on a lossless system.



  1. When generating units in a power plant are loaded with equal incremental costs, the cost of generation is
  1. maximum
  2. minimum
  3. not affected

Ans.: (b)

  1. Incremental heat - rate curves for thermal generating units are used to determine the
  1. fuel cost in $/hour
  2. values to which the units should be loaded to decrease the fuel costs to a minimum
  3. none of the above.

Ans.: (b)

  1. In economic operation of a power system , the effect of increased penalty factor between a generating plant and system load centre is
  1. to decrease the load on the generating plant
  2. to increase the load on the plant
  3. to hold the plant load constant.

Ans.: (a)



Formulation of the problem


         Fuel cost and incremental coat curves, concept of incremental fuel rate, Economic Dispatch problem with line losses neglected, no constraints on the generation capacities

         Economic dispatch problem considering line losses, loss formula and penalty factor, Physical interpretation of coordination equations

         Simple introduction to the optimal power flow problem



Economic Dispatch(modulee.xls









This module provides students with visual displays of the matrix approach to solve the economic dispatch problem with the Newton Method. The graph of each unit's I/O curve is shown as the solution changes for a given demand level and for unit high and low limits. We show the equations as the solution progresses and instruct the student what equations to add and how to change the parameters for additional analysis.