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Power Companies and Utilities

ABB- contains several publications on HVDC and FACTS

US Department of Energy-Fossil Energy Group

BC Hydro British Columbia, Canada

Ontario Hydro Ontario, Canada,
Ontario Power Generation
Ontario Hydro Services Company

Northwest Territories Power Corporation, Canada

World Energy Council -London-based

Power Grid Corporation of India
Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited

Tata Energy Research Institute

Ministry of Power-Government of India

Decision Systems International provides services to the electric utility industries in the areas of SCADA/EMS, Network analysis, system optimization, market design under restructuring, and risk management

-Electricity de France—This site contains the following examples of demonstrations that can be accessed via Internet-

·         Global view of a power system network

·         Thermal Power Station

·         Hydro Power Station

·         Nuclear Power Station



University Power Programs

  , material uploaded to the CUPSP(tm) website, all of which is free-of-cost. The website contains three undergraduate courses:   Power Systems, Power Electronics, and Electric Machines and Drives. To support teaching of these courses, there are  nearly 100 videos, one for each lecture in these three courses, that can be viewed online or they can be downloaded on to your own computer. YOU NEED NOT BE A MEMBER OF CUSP(TM); all of it is free-of-cost.  

McMaster University Power Research Laboratory and Electric Machines Laboratory

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Power and Energy Systems

Michigan Technical University Power Program

Power System Lab University of Washington

Advanced Power Systems Analysis Course (EE554) University of Washington

Electric Power Engineering Education Archive at University of Wollongong

Electrical Engineering Departments Worldwide List (at Univ. Missouri-Rolla)

University of wateroo, Canada - Selected papers on voltage stability and voltage stability report Aalborg University a new master education programme :Sustainable Energy Engineering (electrical specialization) has opened for students already having a B. Sc.


Energy for the future is of great concern for everybody in the industrial countries. Also the influence on the environment and sustainable development is of great concern. Concerning sustainable development the quality and sustainability of natural resources and ecosystems, threats of global change, quality of life in our cities, and the impact of the production and use of energy is essential to our economics and to our way of life. The objective of the study program is to make the students able to plan and construct environmentally sustainable energy systems. To achieve this, students are provided with knowledge about and understanding of different types of energy supply systems and the placement in, and effect on, both the overall and the local supply system. Specifically, the objectives are to: · impart knowledge to the student about planning and construction of energy supply systems, with respect to environmental sustainable development · impart the student technical knowledge about start-up of plants and optimal operation of energy supply systems in existing electrical and thermal systems · enable the student to perform life cycle analysis for plants and systems, e.g. including resource use, evaluation of emissions and handling of by-products · impart the student technical knowledge about renewable and fossil sources, e.g. biomass, wind-power, solar and geothermal energy, natural gas and wastes.

            Iowa State University

Upcoming (August 2005) on-line education opportunities in Electric Power and Energy Systems from Iowa State University (ISU).

Course Information

Fall semester courses in

        (1) EE 653: Energy System Planning, see
 for details

        This course explains targets investment analysis or capital budgeting or project selection for power system expansion, and explains the financial appraisal of large-scale, long-term investment projects.

        (2) EE 553: Steady-state analysis and power systems operation, see for more details.

       This course will address power flow, economic dispatch, unit commitment, automatic generation control, sparse matrix techniques, interconnected operation, and voltage control.

        (3) EE 458: Economic systems for electric power planning, see for details.

        This course will focus on basic economic theory, electric energy markets, planning methods, and optimization techniques.

       (4) EE 456: Power system analysis I, see

   for details.

          This course will address power transmission lines and transformers, synchronous machine modeling, network analysis, power system representation, and power flow programs.



Please see for more information on costs and other course structure requirements.

Additional Information

        All courses are 3-credit courses that are taught as part of the regular ISU engineering program in power and energy systems. The recommended minimum prerequisite background for these courses is a BSEE degree or equivalent.  The courses run throughout the semester.  Since the courses are recorded, they may be viewed at the discretion of the student.




IEEE Power Engineering Society

Below are given some of the software available on the IEEE-PES website.



·         PowerWorld™ Simulator: (12 bus version) solves the power flow and economic dispatch problems. It is an interactive power system simulation package designed to simulate high voltage power system operation on a time frame ranging from several minutes to several days. Powerful visualization techniques are used on an interactive basis, resulting in an extremely intuitive and easy to use graphical user interface (GUI). The GUI includes animated one-line diagrams with support for panning, zooming and conditional display of objects. The software runs under Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT.

·         PFLOW: a "commercial-grade" continuation power flow program, that can be used to research static voltage stability phenomena in detailed AC-HVDC-FACTS power system models. The program is written in C and C++, and two versions for WINDOWS 95 and UNIX are available, including examples and a brief tutorial.

·         PCFLO and PCFLOH PCFLO is a load flow program which also includes short circuit and harmonics capabilities. PCFLOH is a harmonics-only version of PCFLO, with special user interface for harmonic studies. PCFLO contains some features not found in many load flow programs. For example, it lists the power loss on each line and transformer. It allows the user to control the transition point from Gauss-Seidel to Newton-Raphson. Also, it lists the optimal bus order for selected method 1, 2, or 3 in a separate output file, which is helpful to students who are learning how to properly order busses. (for Windows 95/98/NT)

·         Matlab Power Flow Program

·         JPower: Java Power Flow Analysis is a typical dynamic web page based on Java & CGI. This shows you a potential power of Java in power system applications and education.

·         Voltage Stability Toolbox: The Voltage Stability Toolbox (VST), developed at the Center for Electric Power Engineering, Drexel University, combines proven computational and analytical capabilities of bifurcation theory and symbolic implementation and graphical representation capabilities of MATLAB and its Toolboxes. It can be used to analyze voltage stability problem and provide intuitive information for power system planning,operation, and control. To use VST you need : 1.Matlab Version 5 (available from The MathWorks), 2.Matlab Symbolic Toolbox (available from the MathWorks), 3.Voltage Stability Toolbox Files, 4.Windows 95 Windows, NT Workstation 4.0 or UNIX.

·         Voltage Instability Demonstrator: A Java based demonstration of static voltage instability on a 2-bus system.

·         Economic Loading Dispatch Demonstrator: A Java based demonstration of economic dispatch with three generators on a lossless system.

·         TOWERABC: Calculates line constants for overhead three-phase, single-circuit or double-circuit, transmission lines and produces contour plots of rms V, E, and H, plus sound. It can be used for 50/60 Hz, and also for harmonic frequencies.

·         ABC012: Handy phase sequence calculator. Microsoft Fortran Power Station 4.0 source and executable are included.

·         Power-El: fifty files that can be used to simulate individual electronic power converters employing the widely available Pspice software



·         Educational Case Study on Power System Restoration: This case study provides an educational opportunity for electrical engineering students at the sophomore/Junior level to expand their knowledge about power systems in general, and more specifically power system blackout restoration. Besides offering explanations of concepts, this case study uses the dynamic environment of html to help create links for more detailed and often more visual representations of key concepts. The end goals for the student are:
1) To complete open-ended exercises to see how they can immediately apply their newly acquired knowledge.
2) An introduction to advanced power system subjects.

·         Power Systems Test Case Archive The UW Power System Test Case Archive provides World Wide Web access to power system data (test cases). Contains: Power Flow Test Cases (14, 30, 57, 118, and 300 Bus), Dynamic Test Cases (17 Generator, 30 Bus "New England" Dynamic Test Case, and 50 Generator), and descriptions of Data Formats (IEEE Common Data Format , PTI Power Flow Data Format, and PECO PSAP Format)

·         Internet based full AC power flow, please see at: .Free (for testing and educational purposes) full AC power flow version. Only standard internet browser needed. No additional SW installation needed at your own computer. Steps: Click on "Create account ..."; Specify your data including your correct Email (mandatory) address, accept usage conditions, then choose AC power flow (ready for various "standard" IEEE power flow networks (14, 57,118, 300 IEEE bus systems); you can also feed your own IEEE cdf data sets!). A great opportunity for academics (and professionals ?) to share great power applications with the power system community.




Power Engineering Society Home Page


Power Related Software


·         An educational software called Power Education Toolbox (PET) has been developed at  Texas A&M University.
The zip file containing the program, its help files, and a small 14-bus test file can be downloaded from:

The program has the power flow, state estimation (wls and lav) and network observability analysis functions.


·         ( Z Systems, Inc. specializes in developing data analysis, acquisition, and visualization software and software technologies that provide a complete solution for scientists, engineers, and OEM software developers. The popularity of the software is growing continuously among various industries as the choice for functional, yet powerful, data analysis and visualization software. Some of the clients include major research companies like APT Power Technologies, RTDS Technologies, Inc., and the Manitoba HVDC Research Center.



·         Under the National Science Foundation sponsorship through the combined
research and curriculum development program, an educational module titled, "Intelligent systems in
power systems." Has been developed.  The module can be located at the 'PowerZone," which contains the module together with other results developed by Arizona State U and Univ. of Washington.

The module on intelligent systems in power systems contains three submodules: (1) security assessment, (2) fault analysis, and (3) distribution feeder protection. The modules have been tested in  senior level power engineering courses. The module includes presentations and computer demos. Part of the module also involved the use of Net Meeting to facilitate the student/mentor interaction through videoconference. The module will be useful for  educational programs You can also try EGIDE for Power System Demonstrations at Schools.
EGIDE is an educational tool based on the dynamic simulation of power systems. Further information on the EUROSTAG site of Tractebel Energy Engineering,  is available at Go to the page "Compatible products", and then to "EGIDE"


·         You can  use the web site at

(1) to interactively calculate transfer capabilities on sample power systems

(2) to browse tutorial and research material on transfer capability, particularly calculations involving sensitivity and uncertainty and generalizing DC load flow methods.



·         ATP the Alternative Transients Program

·         ATP/EMTP

·         EMTP-RV

·         "MicroTran"
MicroTran is the electromagnetic transients program (EMTP) version of the
University of British Columbia.

·         Aspen Utility Software - with downloadable demos

·         TRANSMISSION 2000-

·         CAPE

·         Cherry Tree Scientific Software - Graham J. Rogers - Induction Motor Simulation

·         CYME Software - for power systems

·         Distribution Management System (DMS)

·         ESA Easy Power

·         Eurostag

·         EDSA

·         ETAP

·         DIGSILENT

·         Intellicon's Voltage Collapse Diagnostic and
Postured Control with website <>

·         IPSA (power flow, fault calculations, stability analysis)

·         SKM Power* Tools

· simpow now with a voltage dip module.

·         Sparsity Technology - for power systems

·         Matlab Matrix Routines

·         Free Matlab toolboxes and more

·         ObjectStab - a free Modelica Library for Power Systems, suitable for the simulation and analysis of transient and voltage stability in power systems.

· MiPower a multi-utility software for power system studies and simulation. 

·         NEPLAN

·         PowerWorld Power Systems Software

·         PSAT (Power System Analysis Toolbox)

·         QuickStab® Professional


·         PSCAD/EMTDC 

·         PSS/E, PSS/O

·         SKM Power* Tools       

·         DINIS                            

·         SPARD®                        

·         ESA Easy Power            

·         DSA PowerTools            

·         SynerGEE                      

·         SCOPE                           

·         CDEGS                         


·         UWPFLOW -free software- continuation power flow program-can be used for research on static voltage stability phenomenon- includes example and a brief tutorial.

·         TEFTS -free software- transient stability program to study transient energy functions and voltage stability issues- includes example & a brief tutorial.


·         MENU-DRIVEN GRAPHICAL USER INTERFACE (GUI) PROGRAMS- by Prof.H.Sadat. -The transformer program obtains the transformer equivalent circuit from open-circuit and short-circuit tests. It also finds the transformer performance characteristics using the transformer parameters. In the induction motor program the parameters of the equivalent circuit can be entered on the circuit diagram. The program draws the Thevenin's equivalent circuit. Performance characteristics are then obtained for the specified slip and the torque slip curve is plotted on the screen. The analysis can be repeated for different slips. A GUI program deals with the design of a first-order controller in the forward path of a closed-loop control system. This GUI program designs the following controllers: Proportional, phase-lag, phase-lead, PD,PI, and PID controllers. To run the controller design program at the MATLABprompt type>> rldesigngui

Another GUI program deals with the natural and step response of parallel and series RLC circuits. To run the program at the MATLAB prompt type

>> rlcresponse ( contains PCFLOW - short circuit, load flow and harmonics program)

·         MATPOWER at .

for a Matlab-based OPF that works for small systems.One of the developers of MATPOWER is Ray Zimmerman

Electrotek has released this updated version of TOP 2000. You can download this program free of charge at: the above hyperlink. The release notes for this version are included below. The program is free and supports most versions of transient analysis programs .

Release Notes: Version TOP2000 V 5.00.01 .These notes describe new features in TOP2000 v5. They also discuss the TOP interface with PASS and SuperHarm.v5.00.01=======

1 - Binary calculator operations now work properly when the two stack objects have incompatible time (or X) values.

2 - New Stack/Expression menu command to create stack objects from typed in expressions. See help file for examples.

3 - Waveform sampling operation in the calculator

4 - New options in the Preferences dialog

a - background (CBEMA, ITIC, etc.)

curve for magnitude-duration plots

b - option for null data gap handling in

trend plots, similar to PQWeb 2.2

c - toggle between seconds and date/time stamps in exported trend CSV files

5 - Support for 3D magnitude-duration histograms downloaded from PQWeb.

6 - Plots a vertical line at the trigger time for stack objects loaded from PQDIF files.

7 - Exports PQDIF files.

8 - Exports a config file for use with the Text-to-PQDIF utility.

9 - Option to auto-generate RMS traces from transient waveforms in the Text-to-PQDIF utility output.

10 - All of the file loading dialog list boxes now follow the standard Windows extended selection mechanism, with Ctrl-Click and Shift-Click.

11 - More combinations of stack object types with calculator operations are allowed.

12 - Revised table column names for time and frequency domain data points, when the first object is not WAVE, SCAN, or SPEC.

SuperHarm Integration

You must run TOP2000 manually one time before it will launch from the SuperHarm or SuperTran toolbar.

PASS Integration

To use TOP2000 with PASS 3.2, use the Edit/ Preferences menu command in PASS, then click the Paths button. For the path to TOP, enter the installed location of top32.exe, for example:


Note that you must use the ~ contractions for long path names with embedded blanks, because PASS is a 16-bit program. The example shown above is the default location for installing TOP2000, but on your machine, the proper shortcut entered into the PASS dialog may include electr~2 rather than electr~1.

If you copy-and-paste more than one graph from PASS, the TOP2000 software will superimpose all voltages on one graph, all currents on another graph, and any other data (eg., temperature)on separate graphs.

As a side effect of PASS integration, TOP2000 will not launch if the older 16-bit version of TOP is running. This is because TOP2000 must use the same window class name, so that PASS can find a running copy of TOP2000.

Data Conversion Utilities

=========================A data conversion utility for Dranetz 656A, 657,

and 658 instruments has been copied to the TOP application directory. This program, ascii65x.exe, should be run from a DOS prompt.

Another data conversion utility for PQDIF files is installed with TOP2000. This converts comma- delimited text files, in a tabular layout, to PQDIF.

Support and Updates

===================You may obtain free updates to TOP, including

sample files and a PDF version of the manual, from


  • A List of DISTRIBUTION PLANNING Packages (Courtesy:AG Hareendralal) and contact details is given below:


Name of Package


















EPRI DEW(Distribution Engineering Workstation)




WH Power




















Distribution Planning












DNPA: Distribution Network Planning Analysis







Related websites


PNG University of Technology

World Lecture Hall Lecture slides for the first course on electric machines and drives can now be downloaded from this website:

The details of a power system laboratory are published in:

B. A. Oza, S. M. Brahma, Development of Power System Protection Laboratory through Senior Design Projects,” IEEE Trans. Power Systems, Vol. 20-2, May 2005.

The manuals for the power system laboratory are available at The web site also has pictures of most of the experiment-panels to show the final product.

During 1990's, the cost of electromechanical relays was much less than digital relays, so electromechanical and static relays were used in this lab (since they illustrate concepts very effectively). However, digital relays have become cheaper now.

Following experiments were created.

Power System – I

 1.     To observe the effect of a floating star point on a three-phase distribution system.
2.      To observe the voltage distribution along a string of suspension insulators.
3.      To observe the performance of a transmission line using the short and the medium line models.
4.      To observe the characteristics of a Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB).
Power System – II

 1.     To observe the characteristics of a thermal relay.
2.      To observe the characteristics of time delayed overcurrent relays. This includes definite time and IDMT relays with varying degree of inverse curves.
3.      To observe the characteristics of a directional overcurrent relay.
4.      To observe the characteristics of a differential relay. Both biased and unbiased differential relays were used in this experiment.
Power System Protection
1.      To understand the fundamentals of a radial protection scheme.
2.      To understand the fundamentals of the protection of two parallel feeders.
3.      To study the feeder protection scheme using two overcurrent and one earth fault relays.
4.      To study generator differential protection.
5.      To study transformer differential protection.
6.      To study the protection of an induction motor.
7.      To study the principles of reverse power protection.



The following information has been extracted from the PowerSurf website located at The websites given below have previously been peer-reviewed and ranked, according to the versatility of each site. Peer-ranking influences the users’ choice for extracting relevant information.


No., Title / Description

1, EUROSTAG - software for dynamic simualtion
EUROSTAG is a software dedicated to the dynamic simulation of large electric power systems in the field of transient and long term stability.

2, Slide presentations on power quality topics
A power quality course given by Professor Math Bollen at Chalmers University of Techonolgy, Gothenburg, Sweden. Voltage dips are particularly well described.

3, Web links to a variety of power engineering items
Has links to power utilities, power programs in universities, IEEE PES, Contacts, power related hardware & software, ftp sites, Power Globe remailer

4, Electric Machines and Power Systems
Contains problems with solutions, class-notes, and laboratory experiments in the following areas: Power system analysis, Transmission and Distribution, Electric Machines, and Power System Transients. Useful for third and final year EE students.

This page describes the simulation of electric machines & drive systems using MATLAB & SIMULINK.

6, Kalman filtering: a state estimation technique
This page hosts several notes on the Kalman filter, a java based tool for learning, some software, and notes on research applications of the Kalman filter

7, Digital resources of the IEEE Power Engineering Education Committee
A variety of links, references and downloadable software on different topics in power engineering

8, Lecture note on Power electronics
This web site is the lecture notes of Advanced Power Electronic. The major topics are various types of converters,Magnetic circuit, some applications for power system, UPS, etc.

9, Powerlearn
This web site provides a number of educational modules on various topics within the field of power engineering. It is directed towards engineering educators and requires registration and approval.

10, Web site on power engineering education material
Links to power quality material on internet, more power engineering educational material on internet, computational hypermedia in education.

11, Powerzone
Offers a variety of educational modules based on artificial neural networks, intelligent systems, and fuzzy logic.

12, Lecture notes
Lecture notes for energy conversion course. Includes powerpoint slides for various topics such as transformers, synchronous machines, power electronics

13, Tutorial on Power Quality

14, Overview of ac electricity concepts
Extensive tutorial on various concepts of ac electric power. Includes overview of generators, ac power, inductive and capacitive circuits, impedance calculation, power factor calculations, and an overview of transformer theory.

15, Elementary introduction to power flow
Elementary introduction of how power flow works using simple resistive circuits.

16, Lecture notes
Lecture notes on various levels (mainly for undergraduates). Contains lecture notes for networks, basic power systems theory, and high voltage engineering.

17, Introduction to Power Quality
What is power quality? What causes power quality problems? What are some standards of power quality, and what is the CBEMA curve?

18, PSAT flow program and documentation download page
This page contains links to download the PSAT program and relevant documentation which can be run using Matlab and Simulink|region

19, Economic loading dispatch problem
Demos (java applets) for economic loading dispatch problem, java based power flow, voltage stability

20, Processes (Stationarity, Markov, Gauss Markov)
This page gives a mathematical background for the various stationary processes, Markov & Gauss Markov processes

21, Software for calculating system limits and bifurcations
The local bifurcations related to system limits or singularities in the system Jacobian.

22, Power Engineering Education Committee
IEEE PES site, contains educational material, course notes, and links to other sites

23, INSPECT- equivalent circuit parameters calculation from standard motor specifications
INSPECT is a MATLAB based program which calculates equivalent circuit parameters from standard motor specifications.

24, Power system toolbox
PST enables users to perform power system analysis within MATLAB and has added models for induction motors and HVDC links.

25, Machines and drives web page
Links to listserves, emailers, consortiums, programs in universities, societies related to machines and drives.

26, Power World software for students
This page hosts a free downloadable student version of the powerworld opf program. This is a highly interactive power flow software.

27, Parameter and state estimation in power electronic courses.
Paper describing various techniques for constructing estimates of unmeasurable quantities in power electronic circuits.


28, Simulation environment for experimentally testing various power exchange auction markets using human
This page describes the simulation of auction markets using human decision markers

29, HVAC measurements by corona analysis
Paper on the feasibility of measuring AC voltages by analyzing the visible light emitted from a corona discharge.

30, powerflow, equal area criterion, generator switching
Free downloadable software for performing power flow, generator switching and the equal area criterion

31, Lecture notes on electric machines and inverters
Also contains lecture notes on basic power systems theory and control concepts.

32, Practical Distribution State estimation Using Hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization
This is a research paper on the above title

33, Power system test case archive
This page has data files for several IEEE test cases like the 14 bus, 30 bus, 118 bus, and 300 bus.

34, MATPOWER for solving optimal power flow problems
MATLAB Silumation for solving power flow and optimal power flow

35, A collection of free high-quality educational material for teaching power electronics

36, Software for perfoming load flow and harmonics-only flow
Contains softwares for performing both the loadflow and the harmonics only flow in a power system.





Links to Internet power systems resources

Papers on blackouts.: Most are available in libraries and can be downloaded from IEEE Xplore.

C. W. Taylor, "Improving Grid Behavior," IEEE Spectrum, pp. 40-45, June 1999.

J. A. Diaz de Leon II, and C. W. Taylor, "Understanding and Solving Short-Term Voltage Stability Problems," Proceedings of IEEE/PES 2000 Summer Meeting, panel session on Power System Stability Controls using Power Electronic Devices.

D. M. Kosterev, C. W. Taylor, and W. A. Mittelstadt, "Model Validation for the August 10, 1996 WSCC System Outage," IEEE

Transactions on Power Systems, Vol. 14, No. 3, pp. 967-979, August 1999 (IEEE Power Engineering Society prize paper).

C. W. Taylor and D. C. Erickson, "Recording and Analyzing the July 2 Cascading Outage," IEEE Computer Applications in Power, Vol. 10, No. 1, pp. 26-30, January 1997.

C. W. Taylor, J. R. Mechenbier, and J. W. Burns, "The December 14, 1994 Breakup of the Western North American Power System: Failures, Successes, and Lessons," Invited paper for V Symposium of Specialists in Electric Operational and Expansion Planning, Recife, Brazil, May 19-24, 1996.
C. W. Taylor, Power System Voltage Stability, McGraw-Hill, 1994. Appendix F has description of 31 voltage instability incidents.


PhD thesis "Voltage Dip (Sag) Estimation in Power Systems based on Stochastic Assessment and Optimal Monitoring" by Gabriel Olguin  is available (pdf file) on the web site:

As the title suggests, the work combines stochastic assessment based on the method of fault positions and optimal monitoring of power
systems to extend limited dip-monitoring results to non-monitored buses.

For information related to Renewable Energy (Wind, PV, Biomass and others)
try the  website:



A package program called RPMSim (Renewable-energy Power-system Modular Simulation) is a public domain simulation software.
This program and its documentations are available for download from the following website:

Other publications related to renewable energy can be accessed from:


For Impact of Wind Turbines on Voltage Stability , visit the following websites:


For ENERGY SAVING information ,visit the following websites:

1)      Energy efficient equipment and designing (lighting, HVAC, motors, water
pumping applications, office equipment etc.)

2) Energy efficiency codes and standards

3) Combined Heat & Power applications (CHP)

4) Distributed Generation

5) Price Responsive Load Control using advanced metering and billing

6) Other useful links



Slides on POWER QUALITY are  available on the web . (select slide

Power quality tutorials for engineers

·         Sags, dips, and swells: Introduction to the most common disturbance on AC mains

·         Transient overvoltages: Introduction to capacitor-switching and high-frequency transients

·         Harmonics: Introduction to voltage and current harmonics issues

·         Flicker: Introduction to voltage flicker

·         Voltage regulation: Introduction to voltage regulation issues

·         Other disturbances: Frequency variations, noise bursts, and other less common problems

Sag immunity tutorials

·         Tutorial #1: Common sources of voltage sags / dips

·         Tutorial #2: Five ways equipment fails due to voltage sags

·         Tutorial #3: Semiconductor industry voltage sag standards: F47 and F42

·         Tutorial #4: Quick, inexpensive fixes that increase immunity to voltage sags

Electric power standards

·         IEEE power quality standards

·         IEC power quality standards

·         industry specific power quality standards

·         U.S. military power quality standards

·         Other power quality standards - ANSI, CBEMA, CIGRE, country-specific, etc.



Licenciate Thesis "Signal Processing Tools for Power Quality Event Classification" by Rafael Flores presented on November 12th, 2003

On line Abstract of the thesis is available at An excellent site for retrieving power system related literature -links to Journal Articles-full-text scientific database ---A listserv for discussions on computation of Electromagnetic Transients electric power generation constitutes a new concept within the modern power industry. This new approach can have a significant impact on the future development of the power system structure. A study by the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), for example, indicates that by 2010, 25 % of the new generation will be distributed. A study by the Natural Gas Foundation concluded that this figure could be as high as 30 %.

IEEE EXPLORE- A powerful single platform to browse, search , and view the full text of IEEE/PES publications and SPECTRUM articles, starting from 1988, with daily updates of contents of all IEEE publications

Two modern power quality issues-Harmonics & Grounding

Power Quality Related Standards.

Voltage & lamp flicker issues http:/



ABB's HVDC and
HVDC Light pages at .Read for example about:
HVDC technology

MACH 2 control system
HVDC 2000 with i.e.:
 - CCC - Capacitor Commutated Converters
 - ConTune - continuously tuned AC filter and the unique Garabi HVDC back-to-back station
HVDC projects including the ongoing 3000 MW Three Gorges - Changzhou ±500 kV HVDC Transmission Project, China
HVDC Light converter technology
HVDC Light cables
HVDC and SVC Light projects including: Gotland, Directlink and the ongoing Murraylink in Australia and Cross Sound Cable to Long Island
There are also many Publications and papers in PDF-format that you can download from if you are interested in HVDC.




Links to virtual libraries Faculty Research Resources


Websites of Power Journals


IEEE Transaction on power systems:


IEEE Transaction on Power Delivery

       IEEE Transaction on Energy Conversion

        IEEE Transaction on Industry Applications

        IEEE Transaction on Dielectrics and Insulation

  IEEE Transaction on Power Electronics

         IEEE Transaction on Industrial Electronics

   IEE Proceedings on Generation, Transmission and Distribution:


    IEE Proceedings on Electric Power Applications

    Electric Power System Research (Elsevier)


    International Journal of Electric Power and Energy Systems (Elsevier)


    Electric Machines and Power Systems:


          International Journal of Power and Energy Systems, Calgary, Canada

    Power system components and systems (Taylor and Francis)

    European Transaction on Electric Power (ETEP) (Wiley Interscience)

    International Journal on Emerging Electric Power Systems ( Berkeley Electronic Press, USA)

    International Journal of Energy Technology and Policy, Inderscience Publishers, Switzerland

    IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I and II





Mining Industries in Papua New Guinea

       Lihir Gold

       Porgera Gold

PNG Gold & copper Projects


 News from India-Indian economy(the Power Sector),Science & Technology in India

You can get information on the Indian energy / power sector from Tata Energy Research Institute (TERI) Energy Directories which are available by subscription or in certain libraries (You will find it at the IGIDR library in Bombay). You can also subscribe to their on-line data sources. Their details can be found at: The Ministy of Power, Govt. of India also has lots of information on policies, new projects in the pipeline, clearances, bids, and data. It also has links to other govt. related depts. Such as- CERC, PGCIL, NTPC, etc. This home-page is located at

You will also find lots of useful information and links on Indian science and industry (energy sector included) on the home-page set-up by Prof. M. A. PAI (of Univ. of Illinois). The link is: And finally, the Indian Express newspaper has a special section on Power which also provides useful information.


Links to Careers in Engineering

·         Internet site that enables adolescents to investigate a host of engineering achievements and encourages them to look seriously at Engineering.

· - the IEEE Student Career Website. In addition to this web site, IEEE produces videos and CD-ROMS for purchase. Quantity discounts are available for schools and companies that wish to make CD-ROMS available to students. Aside from choosing a career path or pursuing specific issues of concern for modern engineers, the site includes the specifics about what modern engineering is and how it came to be such an important career choice.

·         It is possible to view 'Keeping the Lights on for the Northwest,' a video produced by the Bonneville Power Administration at

When you get to the web site, look for 'Power Engineers in the New Millennium' below the picture at the upper right.  The
videos are accessed just below this title. The videos may have value in power engineering classes in providing
information to students on why power engineering is attractive as a
lifetime career.


Javascript for the world-wide web- Information If you really want to be a good Web designer, learn a little bit about design first. It wouldn't be called Web design if it didn't have anything to do with look, feel, form and function - it would just be called<> will tell you the ins and outs of design and will show you great design tips.

Specialised Power System Test & measurement Euipment-

·         Handheld fault location Instrument

·         Instrument for Power System Stabilizer Tuning, AVR Tuning, and Generator frequncy response meausurement

·         Instrument for Turbogenerator Torsional Modes & SSR Testing

·         Power angle Meter



A list of power systems(including Electrical machines & Power Electronics) textbooks



Power System Reliability

Billington , Roy & Ronald A. Allan:

 Reliability Evaluation of Power Systems

Plenum Publishing Corporation, NY 1996


Sullivan: R.L Power System Planning

M. Shahidepour and M. Marwwali:

Maintenance scheduling in restructured power systems, Kleuwer

This book is an excellent reference on the subject of long-term maintenance of both generation and transmission systems. In this book, you will find comprehensive studies on RTS (Reliability Test System). The website of the book is:

Power system Analysis & Design

Stagg & El – Abiad, Computer Methods in Power Systems Analysis, McGraw Hill - Kogakusha, New York

Pai, M. A., Computer methods in Power system Analysis, Tata-McGraw Hill Publishing Company

Heydt, G. T., Computer Analysis Methods for Power Systems, Star in a Circle Publication, Scottsdale, Arizona, 1996

Elements of power system analysis

W. D Stevenson

McGraw Hill – Kogakusha


Electricity Distribution network Design

Professor E.Lakervi & E. J. Holmes

IEE Monograph

Peter Peregrinus Ltd 1994


Electric Power System: Design & Analysis

Mohamed El _Hawary



Analysis of Faulted power Systems

Paul M. Anderson

IEEE Customer Service


Fault Calculations for Industrial & Commercial Power Systems

Frank J. Mercede

IEEE Red Book, 1993


Modern Power system Analysis

I.J.Nagrath, and D. P. Kothari

Tata-McGraw Hill


Electrical Engineering Design manual

S.Parker Smith & M. G. Say

Asia Publishing House


Power systems

      Mariesa Crow


Computational Methods for Electric Power Systems

      CRC Press, 2000


      Mohamed E. El-Hawary

Electrical Energy Systems

      CRC Press, 2000


L.A .Wehenkel

      Automatic Learning in Power Systems

Kluwer , 1997


Weedy, B.M: Electric Power Systems, John Wiley, Third Edition Revised


Electric Energy Systems Theory

O. I. Elgerd

Tata-McGraw Hill


Guile: A.E and Patterson, W:

Electrical Power Systems,Vols:1 &2 Oliver & Boyd,1972


Electromechanical Energy Devices & Power Systems

Z.A.Yamayee and J.L.Bala



(Ed) L. L. Grigsby

      The Electric Power Engineering handbook

CRC Press, 2001


Transmission & Distribution

·         Power Distribution Engineering

     James Burke

           Marcel Dekker


·         Electric Transmission and Distribution Reference Book

Westinghouse Electric and manufacturing co.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

·         Series Compensation Of Power Systems

Paul M. Anderson & Richard G. Farmer

PBLSH California, 1996

·         Extra High voltage AC Transmission Engineering


           Wiley Eastern Ltd,1986

·         George Anders

Rating of Electric Power Cables:Ampacity calculations

IEEE Press



Power system Control and Stability

State Estimation in Electric Power Systems-A Generalized Approach

A.    Monticelli


Kluwer ,1999


Power Generation & Control

J. Wood & Bruce F. Wollenberg

Wiley, New York, 1995


Anderson, P. M. & A. A. Fouad, Power System Control & Stability, The Iowa State University Press


Power system Dynamics Stability & Control

K. R. Padiyar

John Wiley & Sons, Singapore 1996


Analysis of Subsynchronous Resonance in Power Systems


K.R. Padiyar




Pavella, M. & M. G. Murthy, Transient Stability of Power Systems: Theory & Practice, J. Wiley, 1994

            Mania Pavella, Damien Ernst and Daniel Ruiz-Vega TRANSIENT STABILITY OF POWER SYSTEMS:

A Unified        Approach to Assessment and Control

Publishers: Kluwer Academic Publishers,2000

Transient Stability of Power Systems is a monograph devoted to a hybrid-direct temporal method called SIME (for Single Machine Equivalent). SIME processes temporal information about the multimachine system dynamics to assess and control any type of transient instabilities under any type and model of power systems. Two approaches may be distinguished depending upon the source of information used: "Preventive SIME" which relies on a time-domain program to simulate anticipated contingencies, and "Emergency SIME" which uses real-time measurements. Both approaches rely on the same principles and basic software, which yields a comprehensive and unified approach to TSA&C. The design of near optimal control techniques is a major asset of this software. This book provides extensive illustrations on a variety of power systems ranging from a simple 3-machine test system to real-world power systems comprising up to 627 generators and 4112 busses. TRANSIENT STABILITY OF POWER SYSTEMS will be especially helpful to researchers, utility engineers, and software designers and developers who are developing various types of transient stability software packages.  



           Power System Oscillations

     Kluwer,January 2000


This book deals with the analysis and control of low frequency oscillations in the 0.2-3 Hz range, which are characteristic of interconnected power systems. The design,location and tuning of Power System Stabilizers requiring special analytical tools are considered




Kluwer ,1998


Voltage Stability of Electric Power Systems


E. W. Kimbark

Power system stability Vol. 1 (Elements of stability calculations)

Power system Stability vol.3 (Synchronous machines)


S.B. Crary

Power system Stability Vols. I & II


Switchgear & Protection


·         Y.G.Paithankar

            Transmission Network Protection-Theory & Practice

      Marcel Dekker


·         Charles J.Mozina,Dr.Murty V.V.S Yalla,Philip W.Powell,George C.Parr ,and Wayne G.Harimann

            Protection of Synchronous generators

     IEEE Press


·         Johns, A. T. & S. K. Salman

Digital Protection of Power Systems

IEE Monograph

Peter Peregrinus Ltd., 1995


·         Ravindranath ,B & M. Chander

Power system Protection and Switchgear

Wiley Eastern Limited


·         Applied Protective Relaying

            Westinghouse Electric Corporation


·         GEC Measurements, UK

                Protective Relays Application Guide


·         Johns, A. T. & S. K. Salman

               Digital Protection of Power Systems

               IEE Monograph

               Peter Peregrinus Ltd., 1995


·         The Electricity Council, London

              Power System Protection Vols. I, II, and III


·         The Relay Protection Of High Voltage Networks

G. I. Atabekov


·         Protective Relays: Their Theory & Practice Vols. I & II

A. R. Van C. Warrington

Chapman & Hall, UK


·         Protective Relaying theory & Practice

Ed. Walter A. Elmore

ABB Power T& D Company, Florida, 1994


·         Pilot Protective Relaying


                 Ed.Walter A. Elmore


            Marcel Deller,1999


·         Rao ,T. S. M.

Power system Protection - Static Relays

Tata-McGraw Hill


·         Power Circuit Breaker: Theory & Design

Edited by C. H. Flurscheim

IEE Monograph

Peter Peregrinus Ltd.


·         J.H.Brunke,R.D.Garzon,H.L.Hess,S.R.Lambert, A.K.McCabe,A.J.Molnar,D.L.Swindler,C.L.Wagner, and R.A.York

Application of Power Circuit Breakers

      IEEE Press


·         The J & P Switchgear book

R. T. Lythall


·         Switchgear Principles

P. H. G. Crane


Power Systems Economics


Economic operation of power systems

L. K. Kirchmeyer

John Wiley, New York


Economic control of Interconnected Systems

L. K. Kirchmeyer

John Wiley, New York



A new book in the IEE Power Series:

Embedded Generation

by N Jenkins, R Allan, P Crossley, D Kirschen and G Strbac

Published by the Institution of Electrical Engineers

The use of combined Heat and Power plants and renewable energy sources reduces the amount of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere and helps alleviate the consequent climate change. The policies of many government suggest that the proportion of electrical energy produced by these sources will increase dramatically over the next two decades. Unlike traditional generating units, these new types of power plant are usually "embedded" in the distribution system or "dispersed" around the network. As a result, conventional design and operating practices are no longer applicable; for example, power protection principles have to be revised and complex economic questions  need to be resolved.

This book, intended for both students and practising engineers, addresses all the issues pertinent to the implementation of embedded generation. Much of the material was originally developed for the UMIST MSc/CPD course in Electrical Power Engineering so there is a strong tutorial element. However, since this topic is evolving very rapidly, the authors also discuss the technical and commercial consequences of the very high penetrations of embedded generation that are to be expected in the years ahead. The authors work together in UMIST's Electrical Energy and Power Systems Group.

For full content list and ordering information see:

DISTRIBUTED POWER GENERATION-Planning & Evaluation- by H. Lee WILLIS and Walter G. Scott (Marcel Dekker, Inc, New York)

       This book

·         Examines the major types of distributed generators including piston-driven and turbine, fuel cell and renewable energy

·         Looks at the cost, performance and environmental impact of solar, wind, and low head hydro power

·         Explores energy storage systems including battery, flywheel, capacitors, and superconducting coil technologies.

·         Looks at distributed generation versus traditional power systems, grid interconnection options, business factors & their influence on DG value.



Operation of Restructured Power Systems

Kankar Bhattacharya, Math Bollen and J. Daalder

      Kluwer, June 2001-


The book provides an in-depth coverage of power system operation in the deregulated electricity market environment. It covers generation scheduling in deregulation, Transmission Pricing, Congestion Management, Voltage dips and other power quality issues.


Maintenance Scheduling In Restructured Power Systems

      M. Shahidehpour & M. Marwali

Kluwer , June 2000


This book introduces algorithms  for improving the economic posture of a restructured power system by promoting cost-effective maintenance schedules. It includes a variety of models and solutions.



Restructured Electrical Power Systems-Operation, Trading ,and Volatility

M. Shahidehpour & M.Alomoush

Marcel Dekker,June 2001


Valuation, Hedging and speculation in Competitive Electricity Markets

Petter-Skantze and Marija Ilic

Kluwer ,October 2001


The book covers valuation & hedging theory Arbitrage Pricing and temporal relationships of electricity prices, Futures Market Strategies for energy service providers, valuing generation assets etc.


Understanding Electrical Utilities & Deregulation



Computational auction mechanisms for restructured power industry operation

Gerald B. Sheble

Kluwer, 1999


Power System Restructuring-Engineering & Economics

Marija Ilic, F.Galiana, L.Fink



Spot Pricing of Electricity

F. C.Schweppe, M. C. Caramanis, R. Tabors,R Bohn



R.A  Messenger

Photovoltaic Systems Engineering

CRC Press, 2002




Finite Element Analysis of Electrical machines

Sheppard J. Salon

Kluwer, 1995


Electric Machinery

A.E.Fitzgerald, C. Kingsley and A. Kusko:



Energy Conversion

Sheldon S.L.Chang

Prentice Hall Inc. NJ


Direct Energy Conversion


Addison Wesley, NJ


Control of Electric Machines

I.L Kosow

Prentice hall USA


Alternating Current Machines

A. F. Puchestein,T. C. Lloyd and A. C. Conrad

Asia Publishing House


Electric Machines

I.J. Nagrath and D. P. Kothari

Tata-Mcgraw Hill Publishing Co. Ltd. New Delhi, 1985


Fractional Horse Power Electrical Machines


Mir Publishers, Moscow


Matrix Analysis of Electrical Machinery


Pergamon Press


Induction machines

B. V. Jayawant

McGraw Hill


Linear motion Electrical machines

S. A. Nasar and I. Boldea

John Wiley & Sons


Permanent Magnet D.C. Linear Motors

Amitava Basak

Oxford University Press 1996


Electromechanical Components for Servo-mechanism

S. A. Davis and B. K. Ledgerwood

McGraw - Hill


Alternating - current Machines

M. G. Say



Performance and design of D. C. Machines

A. E. Clayton and N. N.Hancock



Electrical Machines

J. Hindmarsh

Pergamon Press


Analysis of Electric machinery

Paul C.Krause, Oleg Wasynczuk & Scott D. Sudhoff

IEEE Press 1994


Thyristorised DC Drives

P. C. Sen

Wiley Interscience, New York,1981


Electric Drives


Mir Publications,Moscow


Direct Current Machinery

Charles S. Siskind

McGraw Hill


Rotating Electric Machinery & Transformer Technology

D. V. Richardson



Theory of AC Machinery

A. S. Langsdorf

McGraw Hill






·      A.Ghosh and G.Ledwich

Power Quality Enhancement Using Custom Power Devices



·      A.Goldman

Magnetic  components for Power Electronics

Kluwer, 2001


·       K.C. Wu

Transistor Circuits for Spacecraft Power System

Kluwer, 2002


·      R.W. Erickson and D. Macsimovic

Fundamentals of Power Electronics, Second Edition

Kluwer, 2001


·      K.C. Wu

Pulse Width Modulated DC/Dc Converters

Kluwer, 1997

·         Drs.Sheppard Salon,David A.Torrey,Dr.Charles Gross,Dr.Elias Strangas,and Dr.Richard G.Hoft

IEEE Press

Power Electronics & Motor Drives

·         Rajashekara, K., Atsuo Kawamura and Kouki Natsuse

Sensorless Control of AC Motor Drives: Speed & Position sensorless Operation

IEEE Press, 1996

·         Power Electronics technology & Applications

Ed. Pierre A. Thollot

Sundstrand Corporation, 1993

IEEE Customer Services

·         Kusko, Alexander

Solid state DC Motor Drives

The M. I. T Press

·         Rashid, M.H:

Power Electronics: Circuits, Devices & Applications, Prentice-hall, 1988

Vector Control & Dynamics of AC Drives

·         Novotny ,D.W.& T.H. Lipo

Oxford Science Publications, NY 1997

Electric Drives and their Controls

·         Crowder ,Richard M.

Oxford University Press, 1995

Power Electronic Converter Harmonics: Multipulse Methods for Clean Power

·         Derek Paise

IEEE Press, 1995

Industrial Servo Control System

·         George W. Younkin

Marcel Dekker,NY

Electromagnetic Compatibility in Power Electronics

·         Laszlo Tihanyi

IEEE Press,1995

Power Electronics & variable Frequency Drives:Technology & Applications

·         Bimal K. Bose

IEEE Press,1996

Power Electronics

·         M. Ramamoorthy


Power Electronics

·         Ramshaw


An Introduction to Thyristors and their applications

·         M. Ramamoorthy

East-west Press

Thyristor phase-controlled converter and cyclo-converter

·         B. R. Pelly

Wiley, New York

Principles of inverter Circuits

·         Bedford and Hoft

Wiley,New York

Power Electronics

·         Cyril W. Lander

McGraw Hill,1981

Thyristorised Power Controllers

·         G.K.Dubey, S.R.Doradia,A.Joshi and R.M.K.Sinha

Wiley Eastern, New Delhi,1986

Theory and Applications of Industrial Electronics

·         J. A. Cage


Rectifier Circuits-Theory and Design

·         Schsefer, Johannes

John Wiley & Sons

Power Semiconductor Circuits

·         S.B/Dewan & A.Straughen

Wiley, New York

Thyristor control of AC Circuits          

·         W. Shepherd

Crosby Lockwood Staples Ltd, UK,

The power Thyristor & its Applications

·         David Finney

McGraw Hill, 1980

Semiconductor Devices

·      Mullard Technical handbook

Mullard Ltd. London

·      Thyristor Control of Motors

Murphy J. M. D

Pergamon Press, Oxford

·         Newman, M:

Industrial electronics & Control, John Wiley & Sons,1986



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This website illustrates how the smart grid operates and the standards needed for each component.

The framework for the grid is divided into seven domains: transmission, bulk generation, distribution,

customers, operations, markets, and service providers.




The site is developed by the Advanced Research Institute of Virginia Tech and holds information related to

 smart-grid technologies, standards, rules and regulations, case studies, public awareness and education.

The clearing house is meant to serve as a decision-support tool for state and federal regulators.

Cutting-edge information technology has been used in Smart Grid project, in the first Smart City project in US.

The Smartness is implemented based on TIBCO's Business Events product. The YouTube video explains the approach in Layman's term.

CEP (Complex Event Processing) is a new computer science area, pioneered by Prof David Luckham.

His book 'The Power of Events: An Introduction to Complex Event Processing in Distributed Enterprise Systems" is of  interest on this subject.

Australia's SMART GRID project:


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